Soweto Carwash

Soweto Carwash

alcohol: south african Households allocate 60% of their expenditure on beer

A school girl passes a car workshop, Orlando, Soweto. People consciously support local businesses, including mechanics. Whilst more official dealers exist outside Soweto, local workshops are increasingly able to deal with newer models and brands.

An area of opportunity within Soweto is clearly for alcoholic drinks brands. Heineken, one of the region’s biggest brands, recently pulled off a PR coup with the appearance of football legend Deco at a Soweto bar during a UEFA Semi-final. He arrived unannounced at a local car wash drinking venue, during one of the semi-final TV shows, with a free lorry of Heineken.

Soweto drinking hangouts embrace Ekasie-lifestyle (location lifestyle), local places where communities can come together to enjoy a good time. And Heineken clearly gets this. We visited one of the increasing numbers of car wash establishments, places to go to get your car cleaned, listen to music, drink and have a good time.

Critically, you have the choice to bring your own choice of drink, so the brand needs to think of innovative ways to impact upon brand choice and loyalty.

Photography and words by Matthew Baker