BAMM RAW Insights
BAMM RAW Insights
Raw Insights

To submit, send 15 images from a single body of work using the guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines:

  • 1x feature image: 2500px at 72dpi, sRGB, jpeg format.

  • Size your other images to: 2000px on the wide side at 72dpi, sRGB, jpeg format.

  • Vertical images should be 800px wide also be sure to double check before upload!

  • Label the files with your name and numeration. (Example: firstname_lastname_1.jpg)

  • Optional: Accompanying the work please include a detailed photography statement and biography, both in 3rd person.

  • Optional: Please give captions for your images. Make this clear the caption for the image. Please use a text doc for this.

  • When your files are ready please zip them up and send them to the address below:


All photos and texts submitted must be the legal property of the person submitting the image or the text. BAMM will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements.
All photographers and writers retain full copyrights for their own work.